The Fate of The Furious Movie Review and Opinion April 2017

The Fate of The Furious Movie Review 2017 Today I Am Going To Review The 8th Installment Of Fast and Furious That Is F8. So The Movie Isn’t Released Till Now, I Only Want To get Public Opinion What Do You Think after Watching F8 The Fate Of The Furious Trailer and Its Story Which I Told In My Previous Post.So According To Number Of Views In Youtube The Fate Of The Furious Got a Massive 1 Billion Views On Its 1st Day Only. So It Analyze This Movie would Able to Collect 50Million USD On 1st Day itself.Last  Release Of Vin Diesel Is XXX Return Of The Xender Cage You Can Check It Review From Here

As Per The Review Of Vin Diesel Last Movie xXx seem like a movie made by a thirteen-year-old with some sort of teenage fantasy about mindless and unrealistic action scenes, sex and some cheesy one-liners is the horrible execution of this premise.

The Fate of The Furious Movie Review 

The Now Movie Is Not Released But Sure We Will Provide a Full Review Of Fast and Furious 8 With Its story.So Dont Forget To Visit Us on 13th April We Try To Best Provide You Movie Review In Every Language, You Can Check The Release Date Country Wise From Here.

The Movie Will Release On Different Dates On Different  Country But Global Release Date Is 14th April.

We The Fate of The Furious Review In Hindi, English , German, Spanish , French, Russian In All Languages. The Link Will Be Added

The Fate Of The Furious Trailer Review

First things first, the trailer itself is very long (more than 3 minutes!), and nothing in it justifies that length. What Vin Diesel and Co. have been promising us for months now is a Fast & Furious movie unlike any we’ve seen before: More emotional, more action-packed, and more dramatic. We saw none of that in this trailer.

Check The Fate Of The Furious Trailer Review From Here

The Fate Of The Furious Movie Review

Critic reviews
Finishing the film in Walker’s honor clearly brought out the best in everyone. Full review
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone
A group more bulletproof than The Avengers, causing more mayhem than General Zod. Think Universal doesn’t have a superhero franchise? Think again. Full review
James Dyer
Talented horror director James Wan takes over the Fast & Furious franchise helm and brings a definite freshness to it in the seventh installment. Full review
Jeffrey M. Anderson
Common Sense Media
Two-plus-hours of increasingly outlandish vehicular (and aerobatic) mayhem that revs pulses and engines in roughly equal measure. Full review
Scott Foundas
Though the Fast cycle remains more gimcrack and flashy than the suspense-driven Mission: Impossible series, it shows similar facility with joyfully elaborate set pieces. Full review
Jesse Hassenger
A.V. Club
It’s an enormous, steroidal blast, and as much ingenious fun as a blockbuster can be. Full review
Richard Corliss
There will no doubt be better movies released in 2015, but Furious 7 is an early favorite to win the prize for most picture. Full review
A. O. Scott
The NYTimes
Furious 7 is another solid Fast and the Furious installment – one that (flaws aside) provides a nice farewell to star Paul Walker. Full review
Sandy Schaefer
Screen Rant
Furious 7 leaves you, well, wrecked. Full review
David Edelstein
“Furious 7” buzzes with a frenetic energy so contagious, there’s no sense in resisting it. Like its predecessors, this film has no shame about being its high-octane, gloriously ridiculous self. Full review
Jen Chaney
Washington Post

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